Custom Quality Metal & Plastic Parts For Prototyping & Production

YCX offers versatile customization options for both plastic and metal parts, catering to various needs, whether for prototypes or final products, irrespective of the quantity desired.

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Services Of YCX

Injection Molding

YCX has over 20 years of injection molding experience and has 110sets 50T-550T injection molding machines, each equipped with a robotic arm

Mold Manufacturing

The mold department has over 10 excellent mold designers with over 15 years of experience. Most of the mold manufacturing is automated and mechanized to ensure accuracy

CNC Machining

CNC Machining offer high precision, Equipped with high-precision CNC such as Swiss MIKRON and Japanese OKK, ensuring product accuracy of 0.002mm

3D Printing

Our experienced designers offer valuable advice and adeptly utilize design software like UG, SOLIDWORKS, Pro-E, MASTERCAM, POWERMILL, and CAD to assist in product development from inception.

Who We Are

YCX aims to provide the highest quality products with reasonable price to customers according to the schedule and this is the key value that guides us to operate the business.

21 Years  Established in 2002

500 Employees

15800 Manufacturer

About Us

GuangDong YongChangXing Precision Manufacturing Co., Ltd was established in 2002 and went public in 2015 .(stock code number: 833271). YCX is a professional processing company which has the abundant experience in the particular field of mold design and manufacturing, plastic injection molding,hot pressing molding, CNC machining, Die casting, paint spraying, movable printing, silk screen, UV, gold printing and plastic water plating. The covering area of manufacturer is 15800 square meters and the number of employees exceeded 500.

Our Advantages

Whatever your requirements are, you will receive our quick response.


High degree of automation, all injection molding machines are equipped with robotic arms, and most mold production is automated. Product inspection is also completed with robotic arms and CMM to ensure product accuracy.

Rich Work Experience

YCX has 20 years of production experience, and engineers and designers have over 15 years of industry experience.

Wide Range Of Customers And Wide Range Of Products

We serve a wide range of customers, exceeding 30 countries worldwide, and are very familiar with the import and export processes of different countries to ensure product delivery time. We produce a wide range of products, including aerospace, automotive, medical, daily necessities, and electronic products.

Gallery of Injection Molded and CNC machined parts

Our Clients All Around the World

we focus on custom high quality metal and plastic parts, and shipping to all over the world, USA, United Kingdom, France, India, Singapore, Brazil, Lithuania, Australia and the Netherlands.

For Prototyping and Production

Rapid Prototyping

With our instant quotation platform and robust manufacturing capabilities, we can deliver exceptional prototypes within short lead times. This enables you to quickly test prototype parts and bring them to market faster.

Bridge Production

Minimize the disparity between the design of a part and the eventual launch of the product. Our skilled engineering team to offer valuable design recommendations for your production parts, ensuring practical solutions for your needs.

On-Demand Production

Comprehensive on-demand production service that guarantees superior precision and quality in all our products. Our advanced production process ensures efficient production rates, enabling us to provide just-in-time delivery for your production parts.



Our ordering process

Upload CAD file

Securely upload your part design to our online quote builder

Confirm specs

Configure your part specifications and select a lead time that suits your schedule

Receive instant quote

Upload your CAD to our 
online quoting platform


We select the best manufacturer for your order, and production begins immediately

Quality control

We take full responsibility for making sure your parts are manufactured according to our standards



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