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Sheet metal thickness 0.5 - 10mm

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Sheet Metal

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Sheet Metal Fabrication Process

Laser Cutting

Wire Cutting, EDM, CNC Machining, etc


V-Bending, U-Bending, Multi-angle


Gas Tungsten Arc  Welding, Resistance Spot Welding

Surface Finish

Sandblasting, Anodizing,
Electroplating, Polishing, etc

What is Sheet Metal Fabrication?

Sheet metal fabrication is the process of shaping and manipulating thin sheets of metal to create various products or components.

YCX performs the sheet metal fabrication process through a series of steps. It all starts with the customer and us establishing contact. We then receive the customer’s CAD drawing, and then get to work. This systematic method is the secret behind our provision of the best sheet metal fabrication services.

We boast of fast sheet metal fabrication services. Our list of sheet metal materials comprises of aluminum, stainless steel, steel alloy, brass, and copper. The subtypes of these materials include aluminum 5052, steel alloy SPCC, stainless steel 304, and copper C110.

You can rely on YCX for the best metal fabrication services because we have an experienced team of sheet metal fabricators. If you are looking for a sheet metal supplier, we can be your reliable partner. We cater for all production runs – high volume production runs and low volume production runs alike.

Sheet Metal Tolerance

If not otherwise specified on the technical drawing, all parts will be machined to ISO 2768 tolerance standards below. Generally you can choose ISO 2768-m, ISO 2768-f or specify more tighter tolerances in your 2D technical drawings.



Edge to edge, single surface


Edge to hole, single surface


Hole to hole, single surface


Bend to edge / hole, single surface


Bend to Bend


Edge to feature, multiple surface


Over formed part, multiple surface


Bend anglev


Sheet Metal Materials

YCX offers a wide range of sheet metal materials. Our aim is to always have a stockpile so big that a project gets up and running within the shortest time possible.





Stainless Steel


Steel Alloy



C260, C274, C280, C360


C101, C102, C110

Sheet Metal Surface Finishes

We can instantly quote a wide variety of post-machining surface finishes.

sheet metal Anodizing


YCX offers a wide range of sheet metal materials. Our aim is to always have a stockpile so big that a project gets up and running within the shortest time possible.

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sheet metal bead blasting

Bead Blasting

Bombarding the sheet metal surface with special abrasive matter results in a smooth surface with a matte appearance and devoid of imperfections.

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sheet metal power coating

Powder Coating

This sheet metal finishing process whereby the electrostatic application of special powdered paint followed by curing creates an attractive and protective coating on the sheet metal.

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sheet metal plating


The electroplating process involves the deposition of a thin layer of zinc or another metal on aluminum or any other base metal for a shiny and smooth result.

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Sheet Metal Materials 01


Sheet metal polishing is a technique employed to attain a glossy and reflective appearance on the metal surface through a meticulous smoothing process.

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sheet metal brushing


In the brushing process, abrasive brushes move on the sheet metal surface unidirectionally to give a matte finish that is characterized by visible lines.

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In Alodine, also called chromate conversion coating, a chemical solution with chromate compounds is applied on the sheet metal to produce an iridescent appearance.

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Copper plating

In copper plating sheet metal fabrication finish, we electroplate the sheet metal with a thin layer of copper for a distinctive metallic appearance. Request a free quote!

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Screen Pritning

Screen Printing

Screen printing applies ink through a stencil onto sheet metal, creating intricate custom graphics, text, or images.

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Chrome plating

This is an electroplating process of putting a very thin layer (0.3-1 µm) of chromium on top of a metal or alloy substrate.

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This is the process of applying a zinc coat on sheet metal to increase its corrosion resistance. It gives the sheet metal a uniform grey look.

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